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Credit Union Member-Owners Take A Stand

Virginia boasts more than 3.25 million credit union member-owners.

These everyday working Americans understand that their member-owned, not-for-profit credit union exists solely to provide member-owners with consumer-friendly products and services, designed to help them achieve their personal financial goals.

This Web site is designed to help those member-owners help their credit unions, by giving individuals the opportunity to contact legislators and voice their opinion on issues and legislation.

Get Involved ... Help Protect Your Member-Owned Credit Union!

We need your help on this critical issue. Credit unions have succeeded in advancing a voluntary merger bill in both houses of the General Assembly. Now we're working to improve that legislation by ensuring its provision apply to a greater number of credit unions.

Voluntary Merger Legislation

Our proposed legislation will give state credit unions new flexibility with regard to pursuing voluntary mergers, enabling us to adapt in today's rapidly evolving financial services marketplace. Our bills are House Bill 874 and Senate Bill 582.

Voluntary Mergers

Urge state lawmakers to improve our two voluntary merger bills.